Meet the Cast and Characters of Baptiste Season 2

Meet the Cast and Characters of Baptiste Season 2

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Baptiste is a British television series. The series is looking full of crime, drama and thriller. Tchéky Karyo, Anastasia Hille, Barbara Sarafian, Fiona Shaw, Dorka Gryllus, Boris Van Severen, Ace Bhatti, Stuart Campbell, Gabriella Hámori, Conrad Khan, and Miklós Béres are main cast of the series. Baptiste Season 2 is all set to release on 17 October 2021 on PBS. The series is created by Harry Williams and Jack Williams.

Baptiste Season 2 Cast

Here is everything you need to know about cast of “Baptiste Season 2”,

Tchéky Karyo as Julien Baptiste

Tchéky Karyo is an actor. He plays Julien Baptiste. Tchéky Karyo is best known for his role as Yoel in ‘Possessions’, Papa Giovanni XXII in ‘The Name of the Rose’, Julien Baptiste in ‘The Missing’, and Serge Tokarev in ‘War on Beasts’.

Anastasia Hille as Celia Baptiste

Anastasia Hille is an actress. She plays Celia Baptiste. Anastasia Hille is best known for her role as Gael Reardon in ‘Keeping Faith’, Martha Barner in ‘West of Liberty’, and Rita Bellows in ‘Wanderlust’.

Barbara Sarafian as Martha Horchner

Barbara Sarafian is an actress. She plays Martha Horchner. Barbara Sarafian is best known for her role as Suzy Dewaele in ‘Glad IJs’, Helena in ‘Déjà Vu’, and Carine in ‘Niets Te Melden’.

Fiona Shaw as Emma Chambers

Fiona Shaw is an actress. She plays Emma Chambers. Fiona Shaw is best known for her role as Irma Prunesquallor in ‘Gormenghast’, Marla Painter in ‘Channel Zero’, and Marnie Stonebrook in ‘True Blood’.

Dorka Gryllus as Zsofia Arslan

Dorka Gryllus is an actress. She plays Zsofia Arslan. Dorka Gryllus is best known for her role as Kurucz Dorka in ‘Apatigris’, Éva in ‘A La Carte’, and Nadja Jasputina in ‘CopStories’.

Boris Van Severen as Niels Horchner

Boris Van Severen is an actor. He plays Niels Horchner. Boris Van Severen is best known for his role as Manu in ‘Déjà Vu’, Lenny in ‘A Good Year’, and Michiel in ‘GR5’.

Ace Bhatti as Nadeem

Ace Bhatti is an actor. He plays Nadeem. Ace Bhatti is best known for his role as PCC Rohan Sindwhani in ‘Line of Duty’, Crawley in ‘Alex Rider’, and Parth Kuhalam in ‘The Stranger’.

Gabriella Hámori as Kamilla Agoston

Gabriella Hámori is an actress. She plays Kamilla Agoston. Gabriella Hámori is best known for her role as Nóra in ‘As Far as I Know’, Emi in ‘Post Mortem’, and Zoja Ivanov in ‘Neandertaler’.

Stuart Campbell as Alex Chambers

Stuart Campbell is an actor. He plays Alex Chambers. Stuart Campbell is best known for his role as Jack in ‘Hetty Feather’, Craig Fleetwood in ‘London Kills’, and Fraser in ‘Clique’.


  • Conrad Khan as Will Chambers
  • Miklós Béres as Andras Juszt
  • Camille Schotte as Sara Baptiste
  • Michel Biel as Thibault
  • Anna Próchniak as Natalie Rose
  • Jamie Maclachlan as Toby
  • Kevork Malikyan as Mehmet Arslan
  • Atanáz Babinchak as Balázs Dobos
  • Éva Magyar as Katalin Kovacs
  • David Z Miller as Viktor Rádán
  • Peter Sullivan as Michael
  • Caroline Boulton as Grace
  • Adrian Rawlins as Richard Chambers
  • Rhashan Stone as Benjamin
  • Bernadett Ostorhazi as Kata
  • Péter Jankovics as Tamás
  • Viktor Dénes as Husband
  • Kembe Sorel as Doctor
  • Claude Scott-Mitchell as Laura Chambers
  • Kristina Biro as Crime Scene Officer
  • Emma D’Arcy as Girl at NA Meeting
  • Zaqi Ismail as Hassan
  • Anita Adam Gabay as Julia
  • Juli Jakab as Wife in Café
  • Michelle Duncan as Sally
  • Una Kovac as Reporter
  • Kristof Wolf as Refugee Camp Guard
  • Sayyid El Alami as French Teenager
  • Julia Papp as Nora
  • Tom Alexander-Molnar as Police Officer in Forest
  • Mohammad Amiri as Farid
  • Marcel Dorian as Refugee Camp Supervisor Boros Balasz
  • Péter Fancsikai as Police Officer at Hotel
  • David Al-Fahmi as Refugee Man
  • Balázs Czukor as Miklos
  • Tamás Lengyel as Peter
  • David Alwyn as Embassy Security Guard
  • Orsolya Tóth as Hanna
  • Lorena Santana Somogyi as Hotel Receptionist
  • Gusztáv Molnár as Police Desk Sergeant
  • Laurent Winkler Laurent Winkler as Marc
  • Armen Georgian as Man in Bar
  • Elie Haddad as Hervé
  • Judit Fekete as College Lecturer
  • Sylas Szabolcs Sylas Szabolcs as István
  • Krisztián Csákvári as Teenager on Estate
  • Oliver Hunt as Oliver Hughes
  • Fruzsina Nagy as Anna Olasz
  • Abigail Hardingham as Alice Webster
  • Ádám Tompa as Ferenc
  • Marina Ilia as Hotel Office Worker
  • Meena Rayann as Cookery Teacher
  • Bartholomew Boutellis as Claude
  • Lyna Dubarry as Jacqueline
  • Harper-Rae Grimwade Harper-Rae Grimwade as Noelle
  • Denis Michallet Denis Michallet as Jean-Michel
  • Ruth Horrocks as Embassy Receptionist
  • Emily Stevenson as Leah
  • Camille Krieg as Toy Shop Assistant


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