Meet the Cast and Characters of “Beforeigners Season 2”

Meet the Cast and Characters of “Beforeigners Season 2”

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Beforeigners is a Norwegian crime drama sci-fi television series. Krista Kosonen, Nicolai Cleve Broch, Stig Amdam, Ragnhild Gudbrandsen, Nader Khademi, Lavrans Haga, Kyrre Haugen Sydness, Ylva Bjørkaas Thedin, Ingunn Beate Øyen, Madeleine Malling Breen, Tobias Santelmann, Stig Henrik Hoff, Agnes Kittelsen, Mikkel Bratt Silset, Celin Ayara, Hedda Stiernstedt, Marius Lien, Philip Rosch are main cast of the series. The series is looking full of crime, drama and sci-fi.

The television series is created and written by Eilif Skodvin and Anne Bjørnstad and directed by Jens Lien.

Beforeigners Season 2 is all set to release on 5 December, 2021 on HBO Max.

Beforeigners Season 2 Cast

Here is everything you need to know about cast of “Beforeigners Season 2”,

Krista Kosonen as Alfhildr Enginsdottir

Krista Kosonen is an actress. She plays Alfhildr Enginsdottir in the TV Series ‘Beforeigners’. Krista Kosonen is best known for her role as Maria in ‘Mister8’, Mari Saari in ‘Bullets’, and Saara Vartia in ‘Toisen kanssa’.

Nicolai Cleve Broch as Lars Haaland

Nicolai Cleve Broch is an actor. He plays Lars Haaland in the TV Series ‘Beforeigners’. Nicolai Cleve Broch is best known for his role as Alexander in ‘The Sandhamn Murders’, Joachim in ‘Mellem os’, and Marius in ‘Kielergata’.

Stig Amdam as Harald

Stig Amdam is an actor. He plays Harald Eriksen in the TV Series ‘Beforeigners’. Stig Amdam is best known for his role as General Fleischer in ‘Atlantic Crossing’, Geir Endresen in ‘Aber Bergen’, and Rasmus Sunde in ‘Frikjent’.

Ragnhild Gudbrandsen as Wenche

Ragnhild Gudbrandsen is an actress. She plays Wenche in the TV Series ‘Beforeigners’. Ragnhild Gudbrandsen is best known for her role as Dommer Kvisten in ‘Aber Bergen’, Wenche Arnesen in ‘Okkupert’, and Eva in ‘SOS: Summer of Suspense’.

Nader Khademi as Alex

Nader Khademi is an actor. He plays Alex in the TV Series ‘Beforeigners’. Nader Khademi is best known for his role as Marwan in ‘Countrymen’, Mons Kilanger in ‘Heimebane’, and Pedram Samadi in ‘Witch Hunt’.

Hedda Stiernstedt as The Volva

Hedda Stiernstedt is an actress. She plays The Volva in the TV Series ‘Beforeigners’. Hedda Stiernstedt is best known for her role as Nina in ‘The Restaurant’, Minnie in ‘Black Lake’, and Josephine in ‘100 Code’.

Agnes Kittelsen as Marie

Agnes Kittelsen is an actress. She plays Marie in the TV Series ‘Beforeigners’. Agnes Kittelsen is best known for her role as Malin Tramell in ‘Dag’, Merete in ‘Mellem os’, and Vivian in ‘Halvbroren’.

Marius Lien as Aslakr

Marius Lien is an actor. He plays Aslakr in the TV Series ‘Beforeigners’. Marius Lien is best known for his role as Heige in ‘Welcome to Utmark’, Trond in ‘Outlier’, and Harald in ’22. juli’.

Philip Rosch as Henry

Philip Rosch is an actor. He plays Henry in the TV Series ‘Beforeigners’. Philip Rosch is best known for his role as Jeremy MacCoughlin in ‘Peacemaker’, Lord Chamberlain in ‘The King (2019)’, and Hugo in ‘Anamorphosis (2017)’.

Ann Akinjirin as Precious

Ann Akinjirin is an actress. She plays Precious in the TV Series ‘Beforeigners’. Ann Akinjirin is best known for her role as Vanessa Ekwensi in ‘C.B. Strike’, DJill29 in ‘Brave New World’, and Dee in ‘Trigonometry’.


Lavrans Haga as Jørn
Kyrre Haugen Sydness as Gregers
Ylva Bjørkaas Thedin as Ingrid
Ingunn Beate Øyen as Chief of Police
Madeleine Malling Breen as Madeleine
Tobias Santelmann as Olav
Stig Henrik Hoff as Thorir Hund
Mikkel Bratt Silset as Nabo
Celin Ayara as Sofie
Tiril Gjesdal Clausen as Aisha
Øystein Røger as Oddvar
Harriet Strømstad Brun as Young Alfhildr
Paul Kaye as John Roberts
Billy Postlethwaite as Isaac
Sigrid Kandal Husjord as Odin
Jade Anouka as Adepero
Herman Flesvig as Sturla
Per Kjerstad as Gegnir
Håkon T Nielsen as Police receptionist
Ella Maren Alfsväg Jørgensen as Young Volva
Aslak Maurstad as Preacher
Dag Håvard Engebråten as IT expert
Tonje Thwin as News Anchor
Kristine Hartgen as Nessie
Henrik Horge as Troubadour
Eric Vorenholt as Eigil


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