Meet the Cast and Characters of TV Show ‘Bloods’ (2021)

Bloods TV Series Cast: Jane Horrocks, Samson Kayo, Lucy Punch. Bloods TV Series Release Date: 9 December, 2021 (Hulu).

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Bloods is an American comedy television series. Jane Horrocks (Wendy), Samson Kayo (Maleek), Lucy Punch (Jo), Julian Barratt (Lawrence), Adrian Scarborough (Gary), Aasiya Shah (Kareshma), Sam Campbell (Darrell), Kevin Garry (Darryl) are main cast of the series. The series is looking full of comedy.

Bloods television series is all set to release on 9 December, 2021 on Hulu.

Bloods TV Series Cast

Here is everything you need to know about cast of TV Show “Bloods”,

Jane Horrocks as Wendy

Jane Horrocks is an actress. She plays Wendy in the TV Series ‘Bloods’. Jane Horrocks is best known for her role as Sylvia Blackett in ‘The Singapore Grip’, Flossie in ‘Crapston Villas’, and Ros Pritchard in ‘The Amazing Mrs Pritchard’.

Samson Kayo as Maleek

Samson Kayo is an actor. He plays Maleek in the TV Series ‘Bloods’. Samson Kayo is best known for his role as Elton John in ‘Truth Seekers’, Horace in ‘Timewasters’, and Boss Fury in ‘Youngers’.

Lucy Punch as Jo

Lucy Punch is an actress. She plays Jo in the TV Series ‘Bloods’. Lucy Punch is best known for her role as Amanda in ‘Motherland’, BJ in ‘Ben and Kate’, and Holly Ellenbogen in ‘The Class’.

Julian Barratt as Lawrence

Julian Barratt is an actor. He plays Lawrence in the TV Series ‘Bloods’. Julian Barratt is best known for his role as Dr. Peter Toynbee in ‘Truth Seekers’, Nigel in ‘Sally4Ever’, and Dan Ashcroft in ‘Nathan Barley’.

Adrian Scarborough as Gary

Adrian Scarborough is an actor. He plays Gary in the TV Series ‘Bloods’. Adrian Scarborough is best known for his role as Pete Sutcliffe in ‘Gavin & Stacey’, Philip Walters in ‘The Accident’, and Bald Gary in ‘Edge of Heaven’.

Aasiya Shah as Kareshma

Aasiya Shah is an actress. She plays Kareshma in the TV Series ‘Bloods’. Aasiya Shah is best known for her role as Holly in ‘Raised by Wolves’, Gemma Khan in ‘Unforgotten’, and Asha James in ‘The Beast Must Die’.

Sam Campbell as Darrell

Sam Campbell is an actor. He plays Darrell in the TV Series ‘Bloods’. Sam Campbell is best known for his role as Nile in ‘Stath Lets Flats’.

Kevin Garry as Darryl

Kevin Garry is an actor. He plays Darryl in the TV Series ‘Bloods’. Kevin Garry is best known for his role as Paul in ‘Ted Lasso’, Jamal in ‘The Capture’, and Curtis in ‘Timewasters’.

The series also features Ellie White as Radio, Leke Adebayo as Obe, Kiell Smith-Bynoe as Kevin, Matthew Holness as Phil, Nathan Foad as Spencer, Adam Sina as Carl, Dustin Demri-Burns as Crackhead John, Dominic Coleman as Brock, Celine Arden as Dr Sally Bloom, Alice Lowe as Polly, Nicôle Lecky as Yasmine, Cleo Sylvestre as Nora, Lieve Carchon as Joan, Keaton Edmund as Anthony, Della Moon Synnott as Sylvia, Susannah Fielding as Nicole, Natalie Walter as Charlotte, Ramanique Ahluwalia as Naomi, Tibu Fortes as Faisal, Kirsty J Curtis as Mum, and Neal Barry as Griff.

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