Mitraaw Sharma starrer BOYS Telugu Movie: Everything We Know About Comedy Drama Telugu Movie

BOYS movie stars Mitraaw Sharma, Ronith grg, Anshula Dhawan, Shrihan, and Jennifer Emmanuel.

Mitraaw Sharma

BOYS is an Indian Telugu language comedy drama movie. Mitraaw Sharma, Ronith grg, Anshula Dhawan, Shrihan, and Jennifer Emmanuel are main cast of BOYS. The movie also stars Sheetal Tiwari, Sujith, Bumchick Babloo, Abhilash Mittapalli, and Kaushal Manda. BOYS movie is looking full of comedy and drama.

The movie is written and directed by Dayanandh. Music is composed by Smaran. Venkat Prasad and Marthand K Venkatesh are Cinematographer and editor, respectively.

What is the release date of ‘BOYS’?

The release date of ‘BOYS’ is yet to be released.

Who is in the cast of BOYS?

Here is complete star cast list of comedy drama movie ‘Boys’,

  • Mitraaw Sharma
  • Ronith grg
  • Anshula Dhawan
  • Shrihan
  • Jennifer Emmanuel
  • Sheetal Tiwari
  • Sujith
  • Bumchick Babloo
  • Abhilash Mittapalli
  • Kaushal Manda

Movie: BOYS (2021)
Release Date: yet to be updated
Language: Telugu
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Country: India
Main Cast: Mitraaw Sharma, Ronith grg, Anshula Dhawan, Shrihan, Jennifer Emmanuel
Director: Dayanandh

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This post was last modified on August 02, 2021