Meet the Cast and Characters of Britannia Season 3

Meet the Cast and Characters of Britannia Season 3

Britannia Season 3 Cast: David Morrissey, Eleanor Worthington-Cox, Julian Rhind-Tutt. Britannia Season 3 Release Date: 16 January, 2022 (Epix).

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Britannia is a historical fantasy drama television show. David Morrissey (The Singapore Grip), Eleanor Worthington-Cox (Hetty Feather), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Harlots), Liana Cornell (East of Everything), Annabel Scholey (Medici), Hugo Speer (Father Brown) are main cast of the series.

Britannia Season 3 is all set to release on 16 January, 2022 on Epix.

Britannia Season 3 Cast

Here is everything you need to know about cast of “Britannia Season 3”,

David Morrissey as Aulus

David Morrissey is an actor. He plays Aulus in the TV Series ‘Britannia’. David Morrissey is best known for his role as Walter Blackett in ‘The Singapore Grip’, Sam Webster in ‘The Missing’, and Tobias Shepherd in ‘Extant’.

Eleanor Worthington-Cox as Cait

Eleanor Worthington-Cox is an actress. She plays Cait in the TV Series ‘Britannia’. Eleanor Worthington-Cox is best known for her role as Polly in ‘Hetty Feather’, Janet Hodgson in ‘The Enfield Haunting’, and Molly Whitaker in ‘Cucumber’.

Julian Rhind-Tutt as Phelan

Julian Rhind-Tutt is an actor. He plays Phelan in the TV Series ‘Britannia’. Julian Rhind-Tutt is best known for his role as Marquess of Blayne in ‘Harlots’, Tommy Barrett in ‘Banished’, and ACC Tom Boss in ‘A Touch of Cloth’.

Liana Cornell as Ania

Liana Cornell is an actress. She plays Ania in the TV Series ‘Britannia’. Liana Cornell is best known for her role as Ginia Rinehart in ‘House of Hancock’, Ally in ‘Schapelle’, and Rebecca in ‘East of Everything’.

Annabel Scholey as Amena

Annabel Scholey is an actress. She plays Amena in the TV Series ‘Britannia’. Annabel Scholey is best known for her role as Nina in ‘The Split’, Claire in ‘Doctor Who’, and Sarah Bailey in ‘The Salisbury Poisonings’.

Hugo Speer as Lucius

Hugo Speer is an actor. He plays Lucius in the TV Series ‘Britannia’. Hugo Speer is best known for his role as Lieutenant Bohdan in ‘Shadow and Bone’, Frank Young in ‘Marcella’, and Minister Treville in ‘The Musketeers’.


  • Zoë Wanamaker as Queen Antedia
  • Jodie McNee as Willa
  • Gershwyn Eustache Jnr as Vitus
  • David Bradley as Quane
  • Joseph Harmon as Innis
  • Dustin Demri-Burns as Blain
  • Mark Lockhart as Veran Medical Druid
  • Laura Donnelly as Hella
  • Bluey Robinson as Rayne
  • Callie Cooke as Islene
  • Shonagh Marie as Drella
  • Alfredo Tavares as Celt Chalk Digger
  • Sophie Okonedo as Hemple
  • Tony Way as Centurion
  • Tim Plester as Kenrik the Zealot
  • Laurie Kynaston as Caius
  • David Schaal as Traveller
  • Gerald Kyd as Jobraith
  • Julia Westcott-Hutton as Senior Acolyte
  • Laura Lake as Flaming Archer
  • Iain McKee as Brock
  • Michael Akinsulire as Centurion
  • Tom Gill as Todge
  • Dean Nolan as Ogborn
  • Paul O’Kelly as Roman Soldier
  • Miles Yekinni as Quartermaster
  • Jordan Turk as Belgae
  • Bill Bekele as Young Vitus
  • Malik Ibheis as Lokka
  • Darryl Bradford as Celt
  • Jack Bennett as Celt Chalk Worker
  • John Leader as Local Yokel
  • Sarah Toogood as Merchant
  • Asad Panjwani
  • Andrew Senesie as Gaoler


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