Meet the Cast and Characters of Coroner Season 4 (2022)

Meet the Cast and Characters of Coroner Season 4 (2022)

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Coroner is a Canadian police procedural crime drama television series. Serinda Swan (Inhumans), Roger Cross (Continuum), Kiley May (The D Cut), Ehren Kassam (Degrassi: The Next Generation), Andy McQueen (Station Eleven), Nicholas Campbell (Heartland), Éric Bruneau (Mensonges), Jennifer Dale (SurrealEstate) are cast of the television series. The television series developed by Morwyn Brebner.

The television series based on Jenny Cooper novels by M. R. Hall.

Coroner Season 4 is scheduled to premiere on June 2, 2022 in The CW.

Coroner Season 4 Cast

Serinda Swan as Dr. Jenny Cooper

Serinda Swan is an actress. She plays Dr. Jenny Cooper in the TV Series ‘Coroner Season 4’. Serinda Swan is best known for her role as Medusa in ‘Inhumans’, Chloe in ‘Ballers’, and Agent Paige Arkin in ‘Graceland’.

Roger Cross as Detective Donovan McAvoy

Roger Cross is an actor. He plays Detective Donovan McAvoy in the TV Series ‘Coroner Season 4’. Roger Cross is best known for his role as Travis Verta in ‘Continuum’, Reggie Fitzwilliam in ‘The Strain’, and Six in ‘Dark Matter’.

Kiley May as River Baitz

Kiley May is an actress. She plays River Baitz in the TV Series ‘Coroner Season 4’. Kiley May is best known for her role as Amanda in ‘The D Cut’.

Ehren Kassam as Ross Khalighi

Ehren Kassam is an actor. He plays Ross Khalighi in the TV Series ‘Coroner Season 4’. Ehren Kassam is best known for his role as Jonah Haak in ‘Degrassi: Next Class’, Jonah Haak in ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’, and Alex Raeesi in ‘I Do, or Die – A Killer Arrangement’.

Andy McQueen as Detective Malik Abed

Andy McQueen is an actor. He plays Detective Malik Abed in the TV Series ‘Coroner Season 4’. Andy McQueen is best known for his role as Sayid in ‘Station Eleven’, Andrew in ‘V Morgan Is Dead’, and Kenji in ‘Riftworld Chronicles’.

Nicholas Campbell as Gordon Cooper

Nicholas Campbell is an actor. He plays Gordon Cooper in the TV Series ‘Coroner Season 4’. Nicholas Campbell is best known for his role as Will Vernon in ‘Heartland’, Henry Channing in ‘Shoot the Messenger’, and Michael Cilic in ‘The Girlfriend Experience’.

Éric Bruneau as Liam Bouchard

Éric Bruneau is an actor. He plays Liam Bouchard in the TV Series ‘Coroner Season 4’. Éric Bruneau is best known for his role as Maxime Moreli in ‘Mensonges’, Milan Garnier in ‘Blue Moon’, and Sylvain Régimbald in ‘Toute la vérité’.

Jennifer Dale as Peggy

Jennifer Dale is an actress. She plays Peggy in the TV Series ‘Coroner Season 4’. Jennifer Dale is best known for her role as Victoria Roman in ‘SurrealEstate’, Maria in ‘What Would Sal Do?’, and Joanie Parson in ‘Men with Brooms’.


  • Jon De Leon as Dennis Garcia
  • Shawn Ahmed as Alphonse Usmani
  • Thom Allison as Dr. Elijah Thompson
  • Mark Taylor as Clark Coleman
  • Gia Ariganello as Little Girl
  • Kate Corbett as Cassidy James
  • Sarah Podemski as Kirima
  • Jonathan Tan as Dr. Luca Cheng
  • Natasha Bacchus as Mira Samaroo
  • Edie Inksetter as Sergeant Waylen
  • Dempsey Bryk as Caleb Browning
  • Kristopher Turner as Aaron Browning
  • Sam Darius as Shameer
  • Tanchay Redvers as Officer Tina Stanley
  • Emmanuel Shirinian as David Khalighi
  • Moses Nyarko as Rehab Orderly
  • Charlie Mark as George
  • Pedro Miguel Arce as Marcus
  • Sergio Di Zio as Mr. Fiori
  • Al Sapienza as Lorenzo Scalfi
  • Cynthia Dale as Aunt Vick
  • Augusto Bitter as Blake
  • Connor Smith as Trent
  • Bahram Farhang as Rameen
  • Elliot Ritter as Brad Morton
  • Karen Racicot as Elodie Bouchard
  • Jewelle Blackman as Shirley Brownstone
  • Byron Abalos as Hammond
  • Brynn Godenir as Kana
  • Salvatore Antonio as Tony
  • George Krissa as LJND
  • Marcia Bennett as Delores Henry
  • Jeff Yung as Michael Chan
  • Tony Ofori as Tyler
  • Krista Bridges as Malou Dan
  • Zachary Bennett as Detective Muller
  • Brandon Oakes as 2-Jacks
  • Bessie Cheng as Helen Chan
  • Sammy Azero as Shayan
  • Shiong-En Chan as Renata Bloom
  • Marie Ward as Andrea
  • Varun Saranga as Rohan Arjune
  • Steve Cumyn as Mike
  • James Gallanders as Scott Gack
  • Sam Kalilieh as Lars
  • Kane Mahon as Ali
  • Angela Asher as Maeve
  • Robert Verlaque as Dr. Morrow
  • Frank Cox-O’Connell as Jason Pence
  • Matthew Worku as Kingsley Chisholm
  • Dani Kind as Rosa
  • Julie Nolke as Cori
  • Samantha Kaine as Max Williams
  • Marium Carvell as CEO
  • Christopher Morris as Evan
  • Charlie Ebbs as Elmore
  • Aldrin Bundoc as Rizal
  • Colton Clause as Killjoy James
  • Mercedez Gutierrez as Serena
  • Angie Reid as Sketch
  • Anita Sarda as Parveen
  • Kyana Teresa as Hayley Fincher
  • Shanna Armogan as Pedestrian
  • Seann Gallagher as Coles Hanes
  • Zach Eulberg as Young Officer
  • Marlaina Andre as Ljndarie #4
  • Jennifer Ann Paduch as Eva Chan
  • Aida Keykhaii as Sara
  • Marie Dame as Mary
  • Austin Ball as Mason
  • Wyse E. Bishop as Jalil Chisholm
  • Mei Chung as Ljndarie #5
  • Jordan Kenny as Zombie Ryan
  • Katherine Genge as Kind Police Officer
  • Shahram Shahbazi as Reza
  • Stephen McGrath as Stig Olaffson
  • Matthew MacFadzean as Randy Groat
  • Karrie Kwong as Autopsy Tech
  • Shannon McDonough as Delivery Woman
  • Matthew Binkley as Officer Bradford
  • Tommy Taylor Tommy Taylor as Tommy Taylor
  • Patrick Haye as Leroy Chisholm
  • Grace Armas Grace Armas as Mourner
  • Robyn Matuto as Lily
  • Luke Charles as Paramedic
  • Spencer Jones as Delivery Man
  • Ang Kiriakos as Young Woman
  • Vincent Rother as Security Guard
  • Jamaal Grant as Dr. Phillip Harrison
  • Idrissa Sanogo as Bayley Duman
  • Tatiana Ashton as Grace
  • Angel Echávez as Pharmacy Civilian
  • Kyle Buchanan as Dr. Rowen
  • Jonah Jessop as Young Guy
  • Julie McLeod as Colleen
  • Taytem Douglas as Young Jalil
  • Dana Thody as Uniformed Officer
  • Dorian Ouaton as Young Kingsley
  • Sukhman Gill as Officer Sidhu
  • Carl Hines as City Worker


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