Deadly Misconduct Movie Cast: A List Of The Actors And The Characters They Play in the Lifetime Thriller Movie

Deadly Misconduct is an American thriller movie. The film premiered on Lifetime on May 28, 2021. The movie is looking full of thriller. Britt Allen, Lorri Bohnert, and Mary C. Bruce are main cast of Deadly Misconduct. The movie also stars Anna Marie Dobbins, Sidney Flack, Connie Franklin, Michael Gibbons, Larry Golden Sr., Niesha Renee Guilbot, Johnny Horn, and Steve Maddox. Deadly Misconduct is directed by Nadeem Soumah and written by Naomi L Selfman.


Here is complete cast list of movie ‘Deadly Misconduct’,

Britt Allen as Josie Fellows

Britt Allen is an actress. She is best known for her role as Marie in the movie ‘Bury a Lover’. Recently, Britt Allen has appeared in television movie ‘Deadly Dating Game’.

Lorri Bohnert as Court Stenographer

Lorri Bohnert is an actress. Recently, She has appeared in television movie ‘A Country Romance’.

Mary C. Bruce as Fundraiser Patron

Mary C Bruce is an actress. Recently, She has appeared in movie ‘Golden Arm’.

Anna Marie Dobbins as Annie Sagan

Anna Marie Dobbins is an actress. She is best known for her role as Annie in the TV Movie ‘Deadly Mile High Club’, Kristen in the TV Movie ‘The Wrong House Sitter’, and Jen in the TV Movie ‘Christmas Matchmakers’. Recently, Anna Marie Dobbins has appeared in movie ‘Women’ and television movie ‘The Wrong Mr. Right’.

Sidney Flack as Judge Miller

Sidney Flack is an actor. He is best known for his role as Mike in the TV Series ‘In the Gap’, and Dr. Eli Franklin in the movie ‘The Jurassic Games’. Recently, Sidney Flack has appeared in movie ‘Agent Jade Black’.

Connie Franklin as Jackie / Fundraiser Attendee

Connie Franklin is an actress. She is best known for her role as Elle in the movie ‘Agent Jade Black’. Recently, Connie Franklin has appeared in movie ‘The Sneak Over’ and ‘Golden Arm’.

The movie also stars Michael Gibbons as Police Chief, Larry Golden Sr. as Guest patron, Niesha Renee Guilbot as Crystal, Johnny Horn as Mr. Halley, Steve Maddox as Judge King, Louis Mandylor as Doug Larson, Cheryl McConnell as Reporter, Amanda Pearce as Coffee shop patron / Jazz club patron / Pedestrian, Drew Pollock as Judge Carson, Colt Prattes as Mark, Ben Richardson as Tennis Instructor, Raymond Roberts as Tony, David C Tam as Press Photographer, Aarika Trabona as Danielle, April Warren as Press / Courtroom Attendee / Fundraiser Attendee, Nisha Washington as Coffee Shop Patron, Bryan Whorton as Mitch Warner, Barbie Bailey as Lady in Coffee Shop, Daniel Fortman as Reporter / Juror / party Goer, and Lena Harmon as Press Reporter.

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