Meet the Cast and Characters of The CW TV Series Family Law

Meet the Cast and Characters of The CW TV Series Family Law

Family Law TV Series Cast: Jewel Staite, Victor Garber, Zach Smadu, Genelle Williams. Family Law Release Date: October 2, 2022 (The CW).

A Still From Trailer (Image Courtesy: The CW)

Family Law is a Canadian legal drama television series. Jewel Staite (The L.A. Complex), Zach Smadu (Rusty Rivets), Genelle Williams (The Expanse), Victor Garber (Alias), Bobbi Charlton (The Magicians), Brett Kelly (Tiny Pretty Things), Luke Camilleri (The Crossing), Eden Summer Gilmore (Nancy Drew), and Brenden Sunderland (Tin Star) are cast of the television series. The television series created by Susin Nielsen.

Family Law season 1 premiered on October 2, 2022 on The CW.

Family Law TV Series Cast

Jewel Staite as Abigail Bianchi

Jewel Staite is an actress. She plays Abigail Bianchi in the TV Series ‘Family Law’. Jewel Staite is best known for her role as Raquel Westbrook in the TV Series ‘The L.A. Complex’, Dr. Jennifer Keller in the TV Series ‘Stargate: Atlantis’, and Kaylee Frye in the TV Series ‘Firefly’.

Zach Smadu as Daniel Svensson

Zach Smadu is an actor. He plays Daniel Svensson in the TV Series ‘Family Law’. Zach Smadu is best known for his role as Ozzy in the TV Series ‘Rusty Rivets’, Fayez in the TV Series ‘The Expanse’, and Budi in the TV Series ‘The 99’.

Genelle Williams as Lucy Svensson

Genelle Williams is an actress. She plays Lucy Svensson in the TV Series ‘Family Law’. Genelle Williams is best known for her role as Tilly Fagan in the TV Series ‘The Expanse’, DJ in the TV Series ‘The Latest Buzz’, and Leena in the TV Series ‘Warehouse 13’.

Victor Garber as Harry Svensson

Victor Garber is an actor. He plays Harry Svensson in the TV Series ‘Family Law’. Victor Garber is best known for his role as Jack Bristow in the TV Series ‘Alias’, Dr. Martin Stein / Firestorm in the TV Series ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’, and Simon Stern in the TV Series ‘Power’.

Bobbi Charlton as Jerri Rifkin

Bobbi Charlton is an actress. She plays Jerri Rifkin in the TV Series ‘Family Law’. Bobbi Charlton is best known for her role as Silver in the TV Series ‘The Magicians’, Jackie in the TV Series ‘A Million Little Things’, and Dr. Martin in the TV Series ‘Dead of Summer’.

Brett Kelly as Cecil Patterson

Brett Kelly is an actor. He plays Cecil Patterson in the TV Series ‘Family Law’. Brett Kelly is best known for his role as Francis Bischetti in the TV Series ‘Dead Like Me’, Thurman Merman in the Movie ‘Bad Santa 2 (2016)’, and Martin Gordon in the Movie ‘High School (2010)’.

Lauren Holly as Joanne Kowalski

Lauren Holly is an actress. She plays Joanne Kowalski in the TV Series ‘Family Law’. Lauren Holly is best known for her role as Monique Dubois in the TV Series ‘Tiny Pretty Things’, Lynn Harper in the TV Series ‘Designated Survivor’, and Dr. Betty Rogers in the TV Series ‘Motive’.

Luke Camilleri as Frank Bianchi

Luke Camilleri is an actor. He plays Frank Bianchi in the TV Series ‘Family Law’. Luke Camilleri is best known for his role as Thomas in the TV Series ‘The Crossing’, Andreas Vasilescu in the TV Series ‘Hemlock Grove’, and Terry in the TV Series ‘Shut Eye’.

Eden Summer Gilmore as Sofia Bianchi

Eden Summer Gilmore is an actress. She plays Sofia Bianchi in the TV Series ‘Family Law’. Eden Summer Gilmore is best known for her role as Young Nancy in the TV Series ‘Nancy Drew’, Darya Denys in the TV Series ‘The Good Doctor’, and Abby in the TV Movie ‘It’s Christmas, Eve’.

Brenden Sunderland as Nico Bianchi

Brenden Sunderland is an actor. He plays Nico Bianchi in the TV Series ‘Family Law’. Brenden Sunderland is best known for his role as Thomas Nickel in the TV Series ‘Tin Star’, Evan in the Movie ‘Every Breath You Take (2021)’, and Connor in the TV Movie ‘Marry Me at Christmas’.


Ali Liebert as Maggie Roth
Kelli Ogmundson as Nina Beasley
Birkett Turton as Yannick Krol
Yvonne Chapman as Danielle Lim
Lynda Boyd as Crystal Steele
Peter Bryant as Philip Sterling
Fred Ewanuick as Kyle Banning
Lossen Chambers as Judge Maria Natali
Alison Araya as Judge Boyte
Linda Ko as Rhonda Lee
Fiona Vroom as Parker Banning
Jennifer Spence as Winnie Sugimoto
Celia Reid as Asha
Sue Sparlin as Pam
Jagua Arneja as Group Leader
Patrick Gilmore as Bryan Beasley
Sharon Taylor as Candice Birch
Jerry Wasserman as Judge
Ben Wilkinson as George Handler
Laura Soltis as Carmen Fitzgerald
Kristian Bruun as Dr. Doug Peterson
Laara Sadiq as Judge Fraiberg
Hunter Dillon as Justin
Amitai Marmorstein as Clark
Romy Sanchez as Troy
Alisha-Marie Ahamed as Dr. Priya Attwar
Nelson Wong as Principal Tan
Mel Tuck as Judge Pennyfeather
Derek Morrison as Dale Roth
Jessica Van der Veen as Shirley Roth
Jacqueline Breakwell as Sandra Dell
Samantha Rose as Nicole2 episodes, 2021
Isaiah Lehtinen as Aaron Kirkman
Dan Payne as Mark Bridger
Lauren K. Robek as Ruth Kirkman
Brian Markinson as Ira Rubinek
Dylan Harman as Levi
Kai Bradbury as Bailey Jacobs
Sonja Bennett as Elaine
Carmel Amit as Miriam Rubinek
Krystal Hope Nausbaum as Ellie
Todd Thomson as Joel Kirkman
Kelly-Ruth Mercier as Kim Vanderhausen
Colleen Wheeler as Trish Creedy
Steph Song as Marlee Liu-Hartford
Karyn Mott as Kristy
Rukiya Bernard as Dawn Sargent
Christine Willes as Carole Creedy
Haig Sutherland as Dwight Hartford
Jason McKinnon as Tristan
Audrey Smallman as Rosie Gyurkovich
Laura Bertram as Karen
Toby Levins
Roger Haskett as Gavin Steele
Charles Demers as Counsellor
Elle McKinnon as Thalia
Jason Burkart as Chuck Inkster
Shane Savage as Pete
Ryan Julian Brock as Camper
Glynis Davies as Helen Rubinek
Sachin Sahel as Ajay Bhadus
Bradley Duffy as Bob Johnson
Brenda Matthews as Mary
Elliot Chandler as Camper
Brian Johnston as Police Officer
Elizabeth Thai as Jane Bhadus
William S Taylor as Lionel
Shaw Madson as Security Guard
Ardy Ramezani as Omar
Sean Baden as Sketchy Guy
Laban Pitman-Johnson as Herbert Dyckman
Katrina Reynolds as Roz
Olesia Shewchuk as Dr. Jess
Adam Christie as Teacher
Mike Wasko as Kenneth
Maxwell Sloan Yip as Bartender
Camille Legg as Theresa Holowenko
David Adams as Dr. Eugene Hylund
Flora Karas as April
Patti Kim as Chancellor
Jenn Bird as Felicity
Kate Dion-Richard as Erica
Kamantha Naidoo as Pretty Woman
Jennifer Rose Garcia as Wendy
Sandra Shapiro as Student Reporter
Leslie Dos Remedios as Married Young Woman
Evie Lou McAllister as Baby Kirin
Craig Haas as Nurse
Hunter Golden as Young Subpoena Man
Pauline Egan as Yvonne Bridger
Eric Ruggieri as Reggie Vanderhausen
Carolyn Adair as Stenographer
Rosalind Beaver as Young Baby
Milo Stevenson as Baby Iris
Stephen Beaver as Married Young Man
Bethany Cunningham as Police officer


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