Hall Pass Nightmare Movie (Lifetime) Cast, Release Date & More

Hall Pass Nightmare Movie (Lifetime) Cast, Release Date & More

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Hall Pass Nightmare is an American thriller movie. Andrea Bowen (Psycho Sister-In-Law) and Matt Magnusson (The Dark Tapes) are main cast of the movie. Hall Pass Nightmare movie is looking full of thriller.

Hall Pass Nightmare movie directed by Marla Sokoloff.

Hall Pass Nightmare Release Date

Hall Pass Nightmare movie premiered on Lifetime on September 24, 2022 at 10/9c.

Hall Pass Nightmare Movie Cast

Andrea Bowen as Carrie Palmer

Andrea Bowen is known for her role as Haley Downes in the TV Movie ‘Psycho Sister-In-Law’, Jennifer Phillips in the TV Movie ‘Pretty Little Addict’ and Sophie Howell in the TV Movie ‘Who Killed My Husband?’.

Matt Magnusson as Dante Jones

Matt Magnusson is known for his role as Zach Kennedy in the TV Movie ‘Behind Enemy Lines’, Mason in the Movie ‘Dirty Sexy Saint (2019)’ and Arthur Holzenberg in the Movie ‘Nightingale: A Melody of Life (2021)’.

Gib Gerard as Justin Palmer

Gib Gerard is known for his role as Brian in the TV Movie ‘The Flight Before Christmas’, Matt Hamilton in the TV Movie ‘All About Christmas Eve’ and Edward in the TV Movie ‘A Christmas Mystery’.

April Nelson as Lexi

April Nelson is known for her role as Tricia in the TV Series ‘Bothered’, Lauren in the TV Series ‘Pink Collar Crimes’ and Ready Renee in the TV Series ‘Veronica Mars?’.

Kacy Owens as Brenda

Kacy Owens is known for her role as Officer Johnson in the TV Series ‘Grimm’, Maggie in the Movie ‘Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)’ and Kacey in the Movie ‘Love Meet Hope (2016)’.


Alan Pietruszewski as Quinn
Maya Goodwin as Detective Lee
Jane Papageorge as Marilyn
Ryan Sturz as Andrew
Andrew Sikking as Boss
Nanda Ziegler as Fan
Anne Stedman as Clerk


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