Highway to Heaven Movie (2021): Release Date, Cast and More

Highway to Heaven Movie (2021): Release Date, Cast and More

Highway to Heaven Movie Cast: Barry Watson, Jill Scott, Ben Daon. Highway to Heaven Release Date: November 6, 2021 (Lifetime).

A Still From Movie (Image Courtesey: Hallmark)

Highway to Heaven is an American drama movie. Barry Watson (Bruce), Jill Scott (Angela Stewart),Ben Daon (Cody), Robert Moloney (Jeff), and Victoria Bidewell (Vanessa) are main cast of the movie. Highway to Heaven movie is directed by Stacey K Black, Written by Angelica Chéri, Cathryn Humphris and Christopher Landon.

What is the release date of Highway to Heaven?

Highway to Heaven movie is all set to release on November 6, 2021 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

Highway to Heaven Movie Cast

Here is complete cast list of movie “Highway to Heaven”,

  • Barry Watson as Bruce
  • Jill Scott as Angela Stewart
  • Ben Daon as Cody
  • Yoshié Bancroft as Gloria
  • Victoria Bidewell as Vanessa
  • Andy Thompson
  • Chris Wood as Luke
  • Brittany Palmer as Woman
  • Maria J Cruz as Sandra
  • Robert Moloney as Jeff
  • Adam Kozlick as Driver
  • Ashley Ross as Melissa

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