Meet the Cast and Characters of Disney+ Comedy Series ‘Intertwined’

Meet the Cast and Characters of Disney+ Comedy Drama Series ‘Intertwined’

Intertwined Cast: Carolina Domenech, Clara Alonso, Elena Roger. Intertwined Release Date: November 12, 2021 (Disney+).

A Still From Trailer (Image Courtesy: Disney+)

Intertwined is an Argentinian comedy drama television series. Carolina Domenech (Allegra), Elena Roger (Cocó), Benjamín Amadeo (Diego), Paula Morales (Greta), Clara Alonso (Caterina), Favio Posca (Mike), Kevsho (Félix), Emilia Mernes (Sofía) are main cast of the series. The series is looking full of comedy, drama, fantasy and musical.

Intertwined television series is all set to release on November 12, 2021 on Disney+.

Intertwined TV Series Cast

Here is everything you need to know about cast of “Intertwined”,

Carolina Domenech as Allegra Aka Laura

Carolina Domenech is an actress. She plays Allegra Aka Laura in the Disney+ Series ‘Intertwined’. Carolina Domenech is best known for her role as Zara in ‘Tunnel Vision’, and Devi in ‘Aliados’.

Elena Roger as Cocó

Elena Roger is an actress. She plays Cocó in the Disney+ Series ‘Intertwined’. Elena Roger is best known for her role as Andrea in ‘Nobody’s Watching (2017)’, Titi in ‘Amapola (2014)’, and Gabriela Onoratto in ‘Hombres de honor’.

Benjamín Amadeo as Diego

Benjamín Amadeo is an actor. He plays Diego in the Disney+ Series ‘Intertwined’. Benjamín Amadeo is best known for his role as Jose Pablo Arregui in ‘Sres. Papis’, Alex Jones in ‘Qitapenas’, and Cristiano Dergian in ‘Los únicos’.

Clara Alonso as Caterina

Clara Alonso is an actress. She plays Caterina in the Disney+ Series ‘Intertwined’. Clara Alonso is best known for her role as Violeta in ‘Grandfathers (2019)’, Ángeles Carrará Aka Angie in ‘Violetta’, and Clari in ‘Highway: Rodando la Aventura’.

Favio Posca as Mike

Favio Posca is an actor. He plays Mike in the Disney+ Series ‘Intertwined’. Favio Posca is best known for his role as Robert Berardi in ‘Noche & Día’, Bebe in ‘Condicionados’, and Ronco Milevich in ‘Los únicos’.

Kevsho as Félix

Kevsho is an actor. He plays Félix in the Disney+ Series ‘Intertwined’. Kevsho has also appeared in several shows including ‘Kally’s Mashup (2017)’, and ‘Pasapalabra (2019-21)’, ‘Bia (2019-20)’.

Emilia Mernes as Sofía

Emilia Mernes is an actress. She plays Sofia in the Disney+ Series ‘Intertwined’.


  • Simon Hempe as Alan
  • José Giménez Zapiola as Marco
  • Manuela Menéndez as Caterina (Teen)
  • Manuel Ramos as Diego (Teen)
  • Tatu Glikman as Greta (Teen)
  • Berenice Gandullo as Bárbara
  • Abril Suliansky as Bárbara (Teen)
  • Lucila Gandolfo as Lucía
  • Rodrigo Pedreira as Franco
  • Jacob Vigil as Alan
  • Fabio Aste as Tomás Diz
  • Franco Piffaretti as Dante


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