“JJ+E (Aka Vinterviken) Movie on Netflix” Release Date, Cast and More – What We Know So Far

“JJ+E (Aka Vinterviken) Movie on Netflix” Release Date, Cast and More – What We Know So Far

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platform in the world. Netflix has released a lot of amazing movies and shows that captivated the minds and hearts of the people. Now, Netflix is all set to release drama romance movie ‘JJ+E’. The movie features Elsa Öhrn, Mustapha Aarab, and Jonay Pineda Skallak in the main roles.

JJ+E (Aka Vinterviken) is a Swedish romantic drama movie. The cast includes Elsa Öhrn, Mustapha Aarab, Jonay Pineda Skallak, Magnus Krepper, Loreen, Albin Grenholm, and many others. JJ+E is directed by Alexis Almström and written by Dunja Vujovic. It is based on a Swedish novel named ‘Vinterviken’ by Mats Wahl.

What is the release date of JJ+E?

JJ+E movie is all set to release on September 8, 2021 on Netflix.

Who is in the cast of JJ+E?

The cast includes Elsa Öhrn as Elisabeth, Mustapha Aarab as John John, Jonay Pineda Skallak as Sluggo, Magnus Krepper as Frank, Marika Lagercrantz as Victoria, Simon Mezher as Jacob, Albin Grenholm as Patrik, Loreen as Maria, Elsa Bergström Terent as Patricia, Otto Hargne as Karl, Ambra Andela Ugorji as Dunya, Pär Boman as Festgäst, Andreas Gauffin as Kock, and Mikael Örjansberg as Festgäst.

Here Is The Official Trailer of JJ+E

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This post was last modified on September 08, 2021