‘Killer Grades Movie on LMN’ Release Date, Cast and More

‘Killer Grades on Lifetime Movie Network’ Release Date, Cast and More

Lifetime Movie Network (LMN) is known for telling interesting stories to the viewers and has come out with many amazing feature films. The network is coming out with another story for the fans with the movie, Killer Grades.

Killer Grades is an American thriller movie. The movie features Megan Ashley Brown, Laurie Fortier, Zack Gold, Liz Fenning and Isabella Marquez-Johnson in the main roles. The movie also features Angelina Folino, Zach Hoffman and Emma Nasfell. Killer Grades is directed by Jose Montesinos.

What is the release date of Killer Grades?

Killer Grades movie is scheduled to premiere on September 20, 2021 at 8 PM on LMN.

Who is in the cast of Killer Grades?

The complete cast list of thriller movie ‘Killer Grades’,

  • Megan Ashley Brown
  • Laurie Fortier
  • Liz Fenning as Wendy
  • Angelina Folino as Keri
  • Zack Gold
  • Zach Hoffman as Kevin
  • Isabella Marquez-Johnson as Sarah
  • Emma Nasfell as Amy

*We will keep updating the star cast list

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