Meet the Cast and Characters of TV Series ‘Tuff Money’

Meet the Cast and Characters of TV Series ‘Tuff Money’

Tuff Money is a Romanian comedy crime drama television series. Alexandru Papadopol, Cristian Bota, Gavril Patru, Medeea Marinescu, Valeriu Andriuta, Maruca Baiasu, Iulia Alexandra Dinu and Voica Oltean are main cast of the series. The series is looking full of comedy crime and drama. Tuff Money is directed by Daniel Sandu.

Tuff Money is all set to release on 21 October, 2021 on HBO Max.

Tuff Money Cast

Here is everything you need to know about cast of “Tuff Money”,

Alexandru Papadopol as Doru

Alexandru Papadopol is an actor. He plays Doru in ‘Tuff Money’. Alexandru Papadopol is best known for his role as Dinu Neagu in ‘Arest’, Petru in ‘Povestea unui pierde-vara’, and Pompiliu Bors in ‘Two Lottery Tickets’.

Cristian Bota as Ionel

Cristian Bota is an actor. He plays Ionel in ‘Tuff Money’. Cristian Bota is best known for his role as Lucian Manea in ‘Roslund & Hellström: Box 21’, Preot in ‘The Cardinal’, and Voinea in ‘One Step Behind the Seraphim’.

Gavril Patru as Adi

Gavril Patru is an actor. He plays Adi in ‘Tuff Money’. Gavril Patru is best known for his role as Petrescu in ‘Fructul oprit’, Barbatul in ‘Beside Me’, and Victoras in ‘Caps’.

Medeea Marinescu as Evelina

Medeea Marinescu is an actress. She plays Evelina in ‘Tuff Money’. Medeea Marinescu is best known for her role as Demi in ‘Questionable: Discutabil’, Luiza in ‘Weekend with my Mother’, and Silvia in ‘Donnant donnant’.

Valeriu Andriuta as Capitanul

Valeriu Andriuta is an actor. He plays Capitanul in ‘Tuff Money’. Valeriu Andriuta is best known for his role as Branco Titov in ‘High Flyers’, Igor Sobol in ‘Okkupert’, and Ben Jalid in ‘Rodina’.

Maruca Baiasu as Maria

Maruca Baiasu is an actress. She plays Maria in ‘Tuff Money’. Maruca Baiasu is best know for her role as Melania in ‘Fault Condition’.

Iulia Alexandra Dinu as Mirela

Iulia Alexandra Dinu is an actress. She plays Mirela in ‘Tuff Money’. Iulia Alexandra Dinu is best known for her role as Bianca in ‘One Step Behind the Seraphim’, and Eisha in ‘The Worthy’.

Voica Oltean as Cori

Voica Oltean is an actress. She plays Cori in ‘Tuff Money’. Voica Oltean is best known for her role as Simona Paraschiv in ‘Breaking News (2017)’.


  • George Constantinescu as Trusted Officer
  • Csaba Ciugulitu as Gelu the Henchman
  • Adriana Titieni as Elena
  • Mãlina Manovici as Adi’s Wife
  • Valentin Raileanu as Adi’s Henchman 2
  • Mihai Ion Stroe as Evelina’s Husband
  • Ilaria Ioana Novac as Adi’s Daughter
  • Maria Simona Arsu as Evelina’s Assistant
  • George Remes as Parfene
  • Gabriela Butuc as Waitress
  • Adrian Titieni as Priest
  • Florin Aionitoaei as Armored Van Driver
  • Mihaela Sirbu as Mayor
  • Mihai Vasilescu as Barman
  • Sabina Branduse as Policewoman
  • Ionut Cornila as Policeman
  • Filip Dascalescu as Evelina’s Son
  • Andrei Elek as Border guard
  • Lucian Iftime as Police officer
  • Bogdan Matei as Police spokeperson
  • Stefan Mihai as Captain’s Son
  • Marcela Motoc as Godmother
  • Iulia-Paula Niculescu as Evelina’s Assistant 2
  • Florin Serbanescu as Armored Van Guard
  • Mihaela Trofimov as Captain’s Wife
  • Radu Zetu as Godfather

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