Minx TV Series (2022) HBO Max Cast, Release Date & More

Minx TV Series (2022) HBO Max Cast, Release Date & More

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HBO Max has released a lot of amazing movie and shows that captivated the minds and hearts of the people. Now, HBO Max is all set to release American comedy streaming television series ‘Minx’.

Minx is an American comedy television series. Ophelia Lovibond, Jake Johnson, Taylor Zakhar Perez are main cast of the television series. The television series created and written by Ellen Rapoport.

Minx television series is all set to release on March 17, 2022 on HBO Max.

Minx TV Series Cast

Here is complete cast list of HBO Max TV Series “Minx”,

Ophelia Lovibond as Joyce

Ophelia Lovibond is an actress. She plays Joyce in the TV Series ‘Minx’. Ophelia Lovibondis best known for her role as Erica in ‘Trying’, Binky in ‘Feel Good’, and Kitty Winter in ‘Elementary’.

Jake Johnson as Doug

Jake Johnson is an actor. He plays Doug in the TV Series ‘Minx’. Jake Johnson is best known for his role as Jake in ‘Derek and Simon: The Show’, Grey McConnell in ‘Stumptown’, and Nick Miller in ‘New Girl’.

Idara Victor as Tina

Idara Victor is an actress. She plays Tina in the TV Series ‘Minx’. Idara Victor is best known for her role as Sarah in ‘Shameless’, Angela Brown in ‘Love Is_’, and Abigail in ‘TURN: Washington’s Spies’.

Taylor Zakhar Perez as Shane

Taylor Zakhar Perez is an actor. He plays Shane in the TV Series ‘Minx’. Taylor Zakhar Perez is best known for his role as Marco Peña in ‘The Kissing Booth 3 (2021)’, Noah Torres in ‘Embeds’, and Mateo De La Vega in ‘Cruel Intentions’.

Michael Angarano as Glenn

Michael Angarano is an actor. He plays Glenn in the TV Series ‘Minx’. Michael Angarano is best known for his role as Nick Pearson in ‘This Is Us’, Eddie Zeidel in ‘I’m Dying Up Here’, and Elliot in ‘Will & Grace’.

Oscar Montoya as Richie

Oscar Montoya is an actor. He plays Richie in the TV Series ‘Minx’. Oscar Montoya has appeared in several shows including ‘CollegeHumor Originals’, ‘Ghost Story Club’, ‘I Want My Phone Back’, ‘Playing House’, and ‘The Elite Daily Show’.

Jessica Lowe as Bambi

Jessica Lowe is an actress. She plays Bambi in the TV Series ‘Minx’. Jessica Lowe is best known for her role as Mary Baker in ‘Miracle Workers’, Lindy Lissons in ‘The Righteous Gemstones’, and Florence in ‘Wrecked’.

Lennon Parham as Shelly

Lennon Parham is an actress. She plays Shelly in the TV Series ‘Minx’. Lennon Parham is best known for her role as Kay Bowman in ‘Bless This Mess’, Liz Flemming in ‘Schooled’, and Karen Collins in ‘Veep’.

Gillian Jacobs as Maggie

Gillian Jacobs is an actress. She plays Maggie in the TV Series ‘Minx’. Gillian Jacobs is best known for her role as Eleanore Richland in ‘Blood Ties’, Mickey Dobbs in ‘Love’, and Britta Perry / Buzzkill in ‘Community’.


  • Sofia Gonzalez as Rita
  • Mia Ford as Kitty Lawson
  • Rich Sommer as Lenny
  • Maddy Caddell as Linda
  • David Lee Hess as Phil
  • Liora Belle as Millie
  • Timothy E Goodwin as Norman
  • Giuliana Gutierrez as Mindy
  • Olivia Rose Keegan as Amber
  • Jeff Holman as Mr. Winchell
  • Christopher Corbin as Freddy
  • Kassius N. Arreola as Allison
  • P.G. Neil as Jules
  • Archer Vattano as Vito
  • Raul De Anda as Paulie
  • Bryce Morton as Bar Patron
  • Katie Baker as Dot
  • Mark Atteberry as Larry
  • Morgan Peter Brown as Cory
  • Sophia Bui as Bottom Dollar Playmate
  • Trishna as Bottom Dollar Playmate
  • Vera Myers as Bottom Dollar Playmate
  • Michael Heidemann as Bottom Dollar Employee
  • Kimmie Dominguez as Make Up Artist
  • Bianca Cook as Bottom Dollar Playmate
  • David Eisen as Classic Car Driver
  • Kim Senser as Staci
  • Amber Martinez as Flight Attendant
  • Alicia Hannah-Kim as Wendy Mah
  • Bryson James Cooke as Fireman
  • Hope Davis as Victoria Hartnett
  • Amy Landecker as Bridget Westbury
  • Iker Amaya as Heathcliff
  • Stephen Tobolowsky as Victoria Hartnett
  • Austin Nichols as Billy ‘The Goat’ Brunson
  • Daniel Grogan as Sven
  • Mercedes Manning as Gloria Steinem
  • Derek Yates as Dan the Firefighter
  • Andrew Biernat as Lad #1
  • Violet Hicks as Girl Scout
  • Kate Boyer as Power Woman
  • Jon Briddell as Alden
  • Madeline Blake as Georgina
  • Lora Bofill as Stylist
  • Ianthe Marini as Pedestrian
  • Chris Jai Alex as Carlos
  • Juliet Rusche as Julie
  • Cassandra Ballard as Paige
  • Lindsey Lamer as Theresa
  • Kristin Couture as House Wife
  • Philip Orazio as Martin
  • Aaron Colom as Beer Executive
  • Grace Gordon as Model
  • Orel De La Mota as Miguel
  • Angela Giarratana as Sylvia
  • Aimee Li as Shampoo Model
  • Leila Almas Rose as Bar Fly Model
  • Christian Zuber as Brandt
  • Tyler Johnson Ellis as Hot Guy
  • Albert Malafronte as Mr. Irving
  • Owen Szabo as The Priest
  • Jerome Elston Scott as Production Assistant
  • Maryssa Menendez as Claire (2021)
  • Amber Amato as Server
  • Christina Gray as Diana
  • Vance Duplechin as Club Member
  • Aaron Coleman as Pete
  • Masashi Ishizuka as Police Officer
  • Andrew Brian Carter as Milky Moms Editor
  • Patrick Hume as Long John
  • Kayla Adeniran as Country Club Guest
  • David Rosenblatt as Cokeman
  • Griffin Blazi as Model
  • Jaeden Bettencourt as Tommy
  • Donnie Masihi as Massimo
  • Cinda Adams as Carole
  • Luke Persiani as Model
  • Vince Brocato as Dementia Man
  • Lynda Gatlin as Secretary
  • Brandon Damiano as Young Anarchist
  • Jacob Bond as Kurt
  • Alec Luis Milewski as Rodney
  • Alex Felix as Model
  • Ariel Brown as Alice
  • Laurence Fuller as David Hockney
  • Shannon Corbett as Hustler on Bizarre Life Cover
  • Shyaam Karra as Harvey
  • Eric Warwick as Weston
  • Anson william Cronk as Luca
  • Marie Buck as Eleanor
  • Staci Lynn Fletcher as Bartender Barb
  • Meighan La Rocca as Reporter #5
  • Steven Busby as Lad #2
  • Ashton Essex Bright as Frankie
  • Megan Liu as Lara
  • Kristofer Gordon as Officer Joe McNeil
  • Travis Walck as Reporter #2
  • Roman Arabia as Contractor
  • Bob Brunson as Chasen’s Server
  • David Fyne as Mr. Anderson
  • Elliotte Strange as Scout
  • Scott E Myers as Reporter
  • Selina Hui as Reporter
  • Rey Goyos as Reporter #1
  • David Andrew Calvillo as Theater Geek
  • Alexis C Sitek as Annabel
  • Erin Gann as Dick Cavett
  • Jake Jensen as Model
  • Jeremiah Ripley as Creator
  • Stephen D Conte as Model
  • Lilly Ivring as office worker
  • Erik Orjiako as Model
  • Will Fourth as Restaurant Patron (uncredited)
  • Maria Beltramini as Kendra (uncredited)
  • Tyrone Evans Clark as Tony Pony Diner Pedestrian (uncredited)
  • Scott Lea as Publisher (uncredited)
  • Paige Locke as Office Worker (uncredited)
  • Richard B Larimore as Publisher (uncredited)


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