The North Water: Meet the Cast and Characters of Drama Mystery Series ‘The North Water’

The North Water is a looking full of drama mystery series. The series is set in the 1850s and follows a group of men as they journey from England to the Arctic to hunt whales. O’Connell leads as Patrick Summer, a former Army surgeon who witnesses the brutality of both the climate and his shipmates on their adventure. Farrell plays Henry Drax, a ruthless harpooner and a callous force of nature. The series is created by Andrew Haigh, Based on the best-selling novel by Ian McGuire.

The North Water is the newest series to hit AMC+, a subscription-based addition to the cable channel. From See-Saw Films and Rhombus Media, the series will be distributed internationally by BBC Studios and will debut in the UK this fall on BBC Two.

Who is in the cast of ‘The North Water’?

Here’s everything you need to know about the cast and characters of ‘The North Water’.

Colin Farrell – Henry Drax

Colin Farrell plays Henry Drax. He is best known for his role as Danny Byrne in the TV Series ‘Ballykissangel’, Daniel McCarthey in the TV Series ‘Falling for a Dancer’, and Detective Ray Velcoro in the TV Series ‘True Detective’.

Jack O’Connell – Patrick Sumner

Jack O’Connell plays Patrick Sumner. He is best known for his role as Ross Trescott in the TV Series ‘The Bill’, James Cook in the TV Series ‘Skins’, Eamonn Docherty in the TV Series ‘The Runaway’, and Roy Goode in the TV Series ‘Godless’.

Stephen Graham – Captain Brownlee

Stephen Graham plays Captain Brownlee. He is best known for his role as Atticus in the TV Series ‘Taboo’, Fabio “Melon” Melonzola in the TV Series ‘Save Me’, Andrew Lucas in the TV Series ‘The Innocence Project’, Shay Ryan in the TV Series ‘The Street’, and Al Capone in the TV Series ‘Boardwalk Empire’.

Tom Courtenay – Baxter

Tom Courtenay plays Baxter. He is best known for his role as Mr. Dorrit in the TV Series ‘Little Dorrit’, Eric Slater in the TV Series ‘Unforgotten’, Geoff Mercer in the Movie ’45 Years (2015)’, and Norman in the Movie ‘The Dresser (1983)’.

The series also stars Gary Lamont as Webster, Peter Mullan, Ipeelie Ootoova as Urgang, Gerry Lynch as Cook, Eliza Butterworth as Hester, Stephen McMillan as Joseph Hannah, Nive Nielsen, Keenan Carpenter, Jonathan Aris as Corbyn, Philip Hill-Pearson, Kris Hitchen as John Barraclough, Pål Espen Kilstad as The Norwegian, Lee Knight as Stevens, Rishi Kuppa as Gaurav, Jerry Laisa, Jamie Maclachlan, Roland Møller, Guy Potter as O’Dowd, David Prosho as William Harper, Mark Rowley as Bain, Sam Spruell, Chicho Tche as Albert Stubbs, Natar Ungalaaq, and Kieran Urquhart.

The first episode of The North Water premieres on AMC+ on July 15.

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This post was last modified on July 15, 2021