Total Control Season 2 on Sundance Now Release Date, Cast and More

Total Control Season 2 on Sundance Now Release Date, Cast and More

Total Control Season 2 Cast: Deborah Mailman, Rachel Griffiths, Rob Collins. Total Control Season 2 Release Date: February 24, 2022 (Sundance Now).

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Total Control is an Australian television political drama series. Deborah Mailman (Offspring), Rachel Griffiths (Aftertaste), Rob Collins (Firebite), Huw Higginson (Janet King), Wesley Patten, Anthony Hayes (White Dragon), Fran Kelly (Rake), William McInnes (The Newsreader) are cast of the television series. The series is looking full of drama and thriller.

What is the release date of Total Control Season 2?

Total Control Season 2 is scheduled to premiere on February 24, 2022 on Sundance Now.

Who is in the cast of Total Control Season 2?

  • Deborah Mailman as Alex Irving
  • Rachel Griffiths as Rachel Anderson
  • Rob Collins as Charlie Irving
  • Huw Higginson as Peter Solomon
  • Wesley Patten as Eddie Irving
  • Anthony Hayes as Damien Bauer
  • Fran Kelly as Broadcaster
  • William McInnes as Laurie Martin
  • Patricia Karvelas as Broadcaster
  • Lisa Flanagan as Faye Stanley
  • Shantae Barnes-Cowan as Jess Clarke
  • Wayne Blair as Paul Murphy
  • Rob Carlton as George Jeffries
  • Alex Dimitriades as Nick Pearce
  • Daniela Farinacci as Philippa Bailey
  • Colin Friels as Jack Ramsay
  • Harry Greenwood as Leo Jacobs
  • Benedict Hardie as Shaun Keogh
  • Anita Hegh as Helena Rossi
  • Vico Thai as Justin Yang
  • Steph Tisdell as Joely McKinnon
  • Val Weldon as Marcie Maclean
  • Tom Dawson as Henry Whittaker
  • Billie Jones as Kylie
  • Andrew Price as Chief Whip
  • Malaki Williams as Clancy
  • Nicholas Cassim as Cabbie
  • Brenna Harding as Officer Riley
  • Fletcher Humphrys as Joshua Harvey
  • Stephen Leeder as Ivan
  • Joanna Briant as Henry’s Mum
  • Sean Brandtman as Corporate Guy
  • Natasha Vickery as Journalist
  • Peter Cook as Principal
  • Angela Fitzpatrick as Gloria Vincent
  • Stephanie Di Giacomo as Laurie’s Staffer
  • Eve Morey as Cassie
  • Sam Parsonson as Constable Hewitt
  • Jason King as Scott McNally
  • Las Wijayatilake as Journalist
  • Indira Naidoo as Newsreader
  • Rodney Angel as Attendant
  • Leith Arundel as Journalist
  • Craig Blair as Brian Dale
  • Paul Brear as Jack’s Driver
  • Stephanie Bursill as Local Woman
  • Tina Kobas as Journalist
  • Quinten Brown as Security Guard
  • Anthony Cogin as Prison Officer
  • Cassandra Coleman as Journalist
  • Lindy Hunt as Local Woman
  • Paul Dowson as Henry’s Dad
  • Gemma Forsyth as Maitre D
  • John Derum as Father Harry
  • Sarah Doyle as Journalist
  • Miles Boland as Maitre D
  • Coralie Hall as Townsperson
  • Adrian Espulso as Floor Manager
  • Shane Emmett as Journalist
  • Jan Dening as Jack’s Fan
  • Luke Rogers as Reporter
  • Sarah Friend as Journalist
  • Clara Helms as Executive Assistant
  • Michael Goldman as Tackback Radio Host
  • Katharina Keil as Electoral Worker
  • Lachlan Ruffy as Reporter
  • Humphrey Cornthwaite as Rachel’s Driver
  • Mouche Phillips as Tackback Radio Host
  • Tom Cossettini as Prankster
  • Tanya Hosch as Tanya Hosch
  • Barbara Gouskos as Hotel Worker
  • Marnie-Jane McClelland as Store Owner
  • Simon Harding as Photographer
  • Simon Elrahi as Argumentative Man
  • Jody Kennedy as Shelly
  • Brad McLachlan as Farmer
  • Susanne Jones as Townsperson
  • John Kelly as Driver
  • Shane Kemp as Townsperson
  • Tasneem Roc as Mima Scott
  • Hamish MacDonald as Hamish MacDonald
  • Catherine Ross as Tour Guide
  • Sean McDonald as Jay Reiner
  • Nell Nakkan as Reporter
  • John MacLeod as Councillor
  • Jodie Napier as Farmer
  • Neil Pigot as Stephen
  • Garry Phillips as Barry
  • Barry Rolton as Pub Patron
  • John Rolton as Pub Patron
  • Lindsay Wright as Moderator
  • Annabel Wurth as Carrie
  • Jane Wurth as Audience Member

Total Control Season 2 (Sundance Now)

NetworkSundance Now
TV SeriesTotal Control Season 2
Release DateFebruary 24, 2022
GenreDrama, Thriller
Main CastDeborah Mailman, Rachel Griffiths, Rob Collins

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